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Our Work

Rapidly increasing global mobility requires new international as well as national frameworks. We provide thought leadership and devise new approaches to solve the most pressing challenges.


Study on the inclusion of refugees into national systems

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) commissioned the Special Initiative Tackling the Root Causes of Displacement – (Re-)integrating Refugees (SI Displacement), which aims to support refugees, displaced persons and host communities worldwide. The objective of this assignment was to determine the extent to which the inclusion of forcibly displaced persons into national and local systems, including development framework and plans is already embedded in SI Displacement projects. Therefore, WINS conducted a qualitative study that included a portfolio analysis of all SI Displacement projects with regard to the inclusion agenda and an analysis of seven comprehensive learning cases of projects from different sectors (education, livelihoods and employment promotion, social protection, health and MHPSS as well as infrastructure with a focus on WASH and energy) and implementing organisations including GIZ and KfW. (GIZ, 2022)

Study on women´s diaspora engagement

The GIZ "Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD)" aims at enhancing the utilisation of the positive effects of regular migration and diaspora engagement on reaching the development goals of countries of origin. In acknowledging the essential role of women for sustainable development, the objective of this assignment was the development of a research study to provide the PMD with research and advisory on evidence-based information on diaspora women and their engagement with sustainable development in their countries of origin in the focus countries Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Serbia and Tunisia. The assignment encompassed the development of a qualitative research methodology, conduct of KIIs and FGDs and a participatory workshop series as well as a research report which also presents the different gender dimensions of migration. (GIZ, 2021-2022)

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