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The private sector plays a significant role in sustainable development.

We support businesses and organisations in revising sustainable business models, responsible sourcing practices and innovative solutions.

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Organisational Development for the Palestinian TVET Commission

For a long time, the TVET sector in Palestine was characterised by institutional fragmentation, poor coordination and low private sector participation. In the endeavour to create the conditions for effective TVET governance, improved labour-market orientation of vocational education and training and enhanced employability of young people, the National TVET Commission (NTC) was founded as a unifying TVET umbrella overseeing all activities. WINS supports the organisational development of the NTC by empowering staff and creating agile structures in order for the Commission to become an active, sustainable, energetic and learning organisation that lives up to its mandate in a volatile landscape. For this assignment, WINs adopted a systemic organisational development approach, closely intertwined with a participatory, context-sensitive and value-based management approach. (GIZ, 2021 – 2023)

Hybrid Learning: Industrial Mechatronics Technology

To keep abreast with technological advancement, produce high-quality outputs from the Kenyan TVET system and contribute to digital transformation, the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) aims at introducing hybrid learning. WINS successfully conceptualised, developed and implemented a hybrid learning format for the cooperative training course ´Industrial Mechatronics Technology´ in close cooperation with the institute and private sector companies. Staff has been capacitated to deliver the course independently; there is declared interest to scale to model to other training courses and institutions in a nation-wide approach. (GIZ, 2021 – 2022).

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