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Our Work

The way natural resources are managed has environmental as well as social implications. We assist in the management of sustainable industry standards in these areas.

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Study on the state of responsible nickel mining in Indonesia

In light of a growing demand for raw materials and an emphasis on responsible mining, this study aimed to inform about a development perspective of nickel with a focus on Indonesia as the largest nickel producer worldwide. In the study WINS mapped the nickel supply chain in Indonesia and analysed positive and negative developmental impacts of nickel extraction and processing. The study provided recommendations for Indonesian stakeholders from government, business and civil society as well as the German Development Cooperation how to support responsible nickel value chains. (GIZ, 2022)

Improving the legal framework and capacity of an effective judiciary


Mongolia´s resource wealth entails the potential to generate revenues strengthening the public sector if contracts with mining companies are negotiated to the country´s benefit. The objective of this assignment was to enhance the capacities of the Mongolian authorities to achieve durable extractive contracts, and to avoid negative risks of mining projects, such as environmental, social and economic impacts. The service was delivered in four trainings in Ulan-Bataar with the topics: (1) mining contracts, (2) taxes, royalties, duties and levies, (3) financing of mining projects, and (4) obligations of mining companies. (GIZ, 2021-2022)

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